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GroWorth is a Public Benefits Organization specializing in Open-Source technology aggregation for local community enablement.

As community members we can’t do much on a global level, but we can collaborate and take action on a local level to improve our communities.

LocalSocial collaboration platform enables community structuring and collaboration between community member and local informal and formal community businesses.

LocalSocial utilize your data to improve your community and all profits are reinvested in community movements, employment, support and improvement projects.

LocalSocial Collaboration Platform


Launching 4th July 2024 (Contact us for test code)

LocalSocial is a social driven platform enabling community members and formal/informal community businesses to collaborate and support one another. 

Think X (Twitter) and What’sApp but on a local level with the aim to drive community movements and actions of improvement. Move your community What’sApp groups to LocalSocial to collaborate better, find local community forums, billboards and posts.

Do you want to change your government, policies, bylaws, laws and so forth, then utilize LocalSocial to create the community movements that will drive results within your community and country as a whole. 

Do you want to support your local community objectives, events and economy growth?

Join LocalSocial and become part of your own digital community.

Features & Roadmap

LocalSocial Launch Features

  • Local community feed (default)
    • Post feeds & reply
    • Likes
    • Popular posts
    • User points
  • Connect with community members
  • Post on community forums
  • Create groups of interests
  • Create chat rooms
  • Create business pages for listing
  • Create custom pages with gadgets
  • Document sharing in groups
  • Forums
  • Market Place
  • Create events
  • Create polls
  • Email notifications
  • Two factor authentication

Roadmap (Short Term)

  • Business listings, comments, likes (promotions)
  • Free to use business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Suite of products for small medium size businesses
  • E-commerce (purchase online, escrow payments on sales validation by purchaser, safe deliver & collection options)
  • Local consolidated events calendar

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Please partner with us, advise us, join and volunteer with us and fund us to build global enablement solutions which support you and your community to succeed locally.

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PHP Developers welcome! Join us, vote your requirements onto our integration priority list.


Your potential investment of time, skills, capability and experience is truly much appreciated.


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