What GroWorth Does

GroWorth is a Public Benefits Organization (BPO) funded By The People to deliver technology solutions For The People.

GroWorth Public Benefits Organization Registration: IT001316/2023(T)  is able to earn revenue for chargeable or earned revenues which are directly invested in our Objectives. Please support our paid services where technology meets requirements.

GroWorth’s TechWorth platform enables local communities to digitally structure and manage community objectives. Communities can  represent and engage better with community members, community businesses, government, organisations and institutions.

GroWorth’s focus is to grow agriculture and farming (Agri-Farming) community providing free Open-Sourced solutions (Open-Source Community licensed) data services to Agri-Farming communities.

GroWorth’s TechWorth platform will integrate Agri-Farming businesses data to establish a new trading supply chains between farming communities and local / global communities.

TechWorth is community driven bringing local community demand directly to local community Agri-Farming businesses.

We don’t know all the answers as yet but with your funding we’ll be able to attain access to the relevant resources to ensure our global food security trade and supply chains are controlled within our own community driven data platform: TechWorth

Let's build our own open trading platform

Our objective is to provide a free to use (Open-Source Community Licensed) Agri-Farming data platform to improve the business performance of Agri-Farming businesses and communities. 

GroWorth Objectives

Communities are community members, businesses and organizations who wish to improve their lifestyles and see their earning and spending power achieve improvement to themselves and their local community. 

Communities require a clean audited government and government partnership supply chain. Community should work closely with their local/state/provincial/federal government to change regulations that will enable independent community driven supply chains. Communities should have a voice in what their government delivers and have the power to replace government representatives. through on the ground movements, when they don’t deliver. 

GroWorth provides both data and physical solutions to independent communities

  • Independent community management (establishment, levels of authorization, leadership representation (clean voting, following, collaboration), committee hierarchies, priority management, social media & community content, billboards, events management, initiative management - community gardens etc.) 
  • Integrated system automation (TechWorth ERP, CRM, Accounting Etc. integrations and management) 
  • Agri-Farming technology integrations (Spatial planning, IoT and other automation data, augmented data such as weather) 
  • Independent community direct trade integration (blockchain: digital transactions & contracts) 
  • Independent supply chain management (instant trading networked into blockchain) 
  • Trade currency independent (digital, crypto, BitCoin, barter, bid, auction etc.) 
  • Community Investment funds & investment management 
  • Community representation management (community leadership, government) 

Value Chain Risk Reduction & Controls Required

  • How do we establish, formulize and enable a global Agri-Farming online community? 
  • How do we, as communities, secure local and global food and bulk resources? 
  • How do we enable Agri-Farming communities to establish and succeed locally & globally? 
  • How do we ensure demand and profitable growing Agri-Farming communities? 
  • How do we support Agri-Farmers through an integrated trading network? 
  • How do we drastically reduce global supply chain risks, waste and control within our own countries? 

We Address Actual Agri-Farming Problem Statements

  • Technology enablement to provide easy to use integrated end-end digital solutions (Source system and analytical integrations) for businesses to manage their performance 
  • Observational, specialist and data research and solutioning 
  • Lack of on the ground Agri-Farming strategy for growing Agri-Farming communities (Organic, managed, formation of participation and representation) 
  • Too many technology options and no standard integration of farming communities (no global Agri-Farming trading data platform) 
  • New farmers lack data systems which are required to gain access to financing and funding (Data solutions to enable access to capital) 
  • Securing bulk resource availability, optimization and management (water, fuel, gas, electricity) 
  • Control climate change impact to farming communities (weather, temperatures, natural disaster preparedness, seasonality impacts etc.) 
  • Enable organic farming automated solutions to stem off biodiversity losses and control of the Agri-Farming operational environment (Planning, education & training) 
  • Labor and labor cycle management (Operations performance management) 
  • Cost and profitability management (demand/supply, pricing, competitiveness and global buying / selling power) 
  • Market access, supply chain management, regulatory trade barriers, understanding local and global market demands 
  • Infrastructure development and government collaborations (supply chain enablement, business enablement, government representation) 
  • Policy and regulatory compliance automation 

Why Does Our Work Matter?

It has become clear our governments are unable to deliver community services to the quality-of-life standards citizens require today. We as community members should take this opportunity to enable ourselves and diligently work with our governments.

Our power is our productivity and the currency and money that creates. We should spend our money wisely supporting our community movements and local businesses who provide quality services to our communities as well as invest back into our communities.


Economic Development

TechWorth: Business performance management, listings, billboards, employment 

Civic Engagement & Governance

Civic Engagement & Governance

TechWorth Community Representation: 

Democratic governance, elections, engage with residents through public meetings, encourage community involvement, and provide platforms for citizen feedback and participation in decision-making processes.


Public Safety

TechWorth community safety & patrolling, working with government representatives from law enforcement, fire & emergency response, disaster management & response 

& Culture

Recreation & Culture

TechWorth Create communities of interest on social media and locally planned and managed cultural events 


Social Services

TechWorth: Structure communities to enable welfare assistance, affordable housing programs, homeless shelters, senior services, and programs for individuals with disabilities by prioritising and managing these programs with government representatives 



TechWorth: Reboot our educational systems and content. 


Public Infrastructure

TechWorth: Get involved in planning, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, street lighting, public transportation systems, parks, and recreational facilities.  

Ensure control of critical infrastructure waste management, sanitation services, electricity, gas, water, fuel

Land, Planning,

Land, Planning, Zoning

TechWorth: Become involved in land use assignment to promote community objectives 

Public Health

Public Health Services

TechWorth: Work with public health services to promote organic healthy diets, homeopathy and naturopathy practices and boosting the innate immune system while regulating synthetics more

Licensing &

Licensing & Permitting

TechWorth: Work with government to control bylaws for business operations, construction, land use and special events. 

Plan special events with government and other NGO organizations to boost community enablement

What Makes Us Unique?

GroWorth - What Makes Us Unique

GroWorth is the only end-to-end community building platform that delivers solutions to all community stakeholders: 

  • Structure Communities
    • The individuals who live in the community are primary stakeholders. They have a direct interest in the community’s well-being, access to services, safety, and quality of life.
      • Form communities (establish a community on GroWorth) 
      • Build following (social mediate, groups, events etc.) 
      • Collaborate with other community members 
      • Establish and support local businesses and employment 
      • Work with community and faith based organizations to drive objectives, events and messages 
  • Community organizations 
  • Local businesses 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Local government 
  • Faith-based organizations 
  • Health & social services providers 
  • Environmental groups 
  • Public safety organizations 
  • Cultural & art groups

How do we do our work?

What are the key areas of focus? 

Agri-Farming Priority

GroWorth has researched the Agri-Farming industry and have identified key value points to enable our Agri-Farmers to establish and successfully manage their enterprises. Without TechWorth the Agri-Farming community globally will continue to struggle with their existing problem statements:

How do we enable successful organic Agri-farming businesses:

Enable Agri-Farmers to build and manage profitable businesses through organic farming practices such as conservation tillage, crop rotation, agroforestry, precision agriculture, integrated pest management, and responsible use of water and agrochemicals?  

The following organic farming concepts will be central to our total solution which includes community social media, education and TechWorth enablement.
  • Soil Health 
  • Avoidance of synthetic chemicals 
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem preservation 
  • Animal welfare 
  • Certification standards 


We are a small team of highly specialised people who dedicate all free time to reaching GroWorth objectives globally.

Our team of trustees represent capabilities in organisation management and administration, future proofing technology, software development, data platform development, data integration and advanced analytics.

We are ourselves active community members who see a need to structure ourselves and ensure access to resources within independent, community enabled supply chains which supports any legal method of trade.

Strategic Partnerships

Modernising Management

As a not for profit organization we rely on private and public funding to sustain our organization. GroWorth and our strategic partner Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd have build the platform and solutions free of charge and now require funding to deploy the platform. 

Modernising Management (MM) is a strategic partner who maintains the GroWorth platform source quality, integration quality, automation quality and service quality. MM provides a global technology partnership network which enables GroWorth to grow our customer integration base rapidly. Modernising Management will outsource services to GroWorth until such time GroWorth are able to employ permanent resources based on consistent fund raising. 

  • UMNGA has a history of working with government agencies as well as directly within the farming communities in South Africa
  • UMNGA is represented by International Agricultural Academy for Africa a world class online Agri-Farming training libraries content provider.
  • UMNGA will collect and enable only GroWorth trustees access to such funds for disbursement
  • UMNGA will ensure full transparency to GroWorth and GroWorth to our funders. All certificates will be issued from UMNGA until such time GroWorth has been registered and we have established our own funding accounts.
GroWorth Culture

GroWorth Culture

Succeed through enablement of thriving communities.

Collaborate and deliver priority solutions to communities in need.

In partnership with you, our stakeholders.

Grow our knowledge and truth.

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