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Please join our cause which is to enable worthy independent thriving local communities.

Communities build thriving communities and we are the organization which provides the technology products and services for them to take ownership, do the work, collaborate, unite, formulate, represent and thrive.


Whether you are an individual or a company we would appreciate your time, capability, skills and support. 


Technology development companies, who work with supported or planned technologies with "resources on the beach", please donate their time towards development projects.


Please contact us to join our team


Open Source Developers

  • Join our programs and reap the rewards within your own community
  • What services do you need within your own community? Collaborate with us.
  • See our project and support requirement list and recommend your own integrations


Grow our volunteer base

  • When you gift valuable time to GroWorth programs you gain within your local community
  • Get physically out there and represent our cause
  • Support us to grow and manage our volunteer base


Funding management

  • All donated funds will be invested in administering and developing the community platform
  • Support us to raise funding through various digital campaign support methods


News & Independent Media

  • Independent news representatives and influencers, please talk to us and promote about our work


Marketing management

  • Support us to develop online and offline campaigns
  • Support us to manage engagement growth
  • Support us to manage follower growth
  • Support us to design and develop content
  • Support us to extend our reach


Legal & regulatory management

  • Open-Source legal experts
  • Open-Source regulatory experts
  • General legal representation (globally)
  • Agri-Farming legal & compliance support (globally)


Partnerships management

  • Vendor integration management (Sage, SAP, Oracle, Business Intelligence, Agri-Farming products etc.)
  • System integrators and service providers who service technology deployments and integrations


Technology influencers

  • Affiliates who promote platforms and solutions


Integrate your own technology with TechWorth and let's build solutions to enable community economics.

TechWorth integrations are not only for Open-Source solutions, it's for all independently owned solutions.

Examples of integrations:

  • Community collaboration and security platform integrations
  • Government system integrations
  • Banking system integrations
  • Trading system integrations
  • Payment system integrations
  • Business Intelligence solution providers delivers subscription solutions to communities and businesses

Fund our Work

As a Public Benefits Organization we are a non-profit who provides technology and physical services to communities globally.

Please fund us to continue our work. All tax refund documentation provided.


Please consider a donation pledge today.

Crowdfunding (Pending)

Please join our Crowdfunding community.

Digital Currency Donations (Pending)

Please see our digital currency donation options.

Digital Support

We’re building our online community and need community participation.

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