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GroWorth trustees would love to invest all our time building value enabling communities with the LocalSocial platform so please support us to support our communities.

GroWorth Trust: Public Benefits Organization (PBO) Registration Number: IT001316/2023(T).

Please support our social media channels.

We will publish all funding receipts and make our expenses available to the public (data privacy enacted) for LocalSocia users.

We await our South African Revenue Services (SARS) activation number for funding and will deliver the funding documentation to funders soonest.

Please Contact Us with any questions.


$ 50

Community Member

  • Your $50 donation helps us continue our mission and make a positive impact to communities.
$ 100

Community Builder

  • Your $100 donation helps build a stronger and more resilient community for everyone.
$ 500

Transformative Supporter

  • With your $500 donation, you're supporting transformative programs and initiatives that create lasting change.
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  • With your $1000 donation, you're catalyzing positive change and driving impactful projects forward.

Funding Requirements​

The GroWorth team would love to spend all our productivity on GroWorth to further enhance the LocalSocial platform.

At present all development and capabilities are funded by our team both monetary and time.


We require funding to permanently employ qualified people to manage the organization, programs and technology to further extend LocalSocial technology solutions for communities.



    • Management and administration
    • Funding management
    • Marketing & content management
    • Legal & regulatory management
    • Partnerships management
    • Volunteer enablement

We have costs associated with the LocalSocial Platform such as management, hosting, development & integration, quality control, support, data and other related costs.

      • Code quality of the platform
      • Compliance to global legal frameworks and practices
      • Manage regulatory requirements
      • Decentralization of architecture
      • Develop community based service automations of the platform
      • Develop core platform capabilities such as blockchain, security and access control
      • Ensure regulatory compliance (finance & administration)
      • Employ LocalSocial  platform & integration delivery team (Open-Source projects & integrations)
      • Employ our core GroWorth quality source control team (LocalSocial platform central source control)
      • Ensure all global legal and privacy requirements (Governance, Risk, Compliance)
      • Build community enabling technology solutions
      • Run open-source projects for ERP, CRM, Accounting & Finance, PMO business performance product integrations
      • Support the Open-Source systems we host both technically and community supported
      • Produce documentation and training content for the system's ease of use
      • Build and integrated trade network directly with Agri-Farming communities (suppliers, buyers, producers, distributors)
      • Enable the Agri-Farming community to trade with any currencies directly with communities and supply chains
      • Develop the GroWorth mobile trading application

We have marketing costs to ensure we attain momentum on the platform and expand it's capabilities globally free of charge

  • On-line
  • Events
  • Market to the Agri-Farming community to build our community
  • Market to communities

We have supplier and partnership related costs to ensure we have the necessary partnerships in place to ensure the deployment of the platform solutions to both businesses and communities

  • System integrators (ICT suppliers)
  • Technology vendors & providers
  • Government integrations

We truly hope you see value in our services and trust you will support us to grow independent thriving communities.

Funding Budget​

Our objective is to secure continuous funding to employ some our volunteers into permanent positions.

Phase 1: Core Team

Our core team will work on Open Source community and project management

  • Leadership
  • Administrator
  • Auditor (Outsourced)
  • Funding Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Open Source Community Manager
  • Open Source Project Manager

Phase 2: The following volunteers will join the Core Technical Team

  • Solution Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Security Architects
  • BlockChain Architects
  • Support Specialists
  • Full Stack Developers

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