Enabling Local Community Movements

Local Community Objectives

Human communities, whether local or digital, have enormous influence and power.

Modern living has us more separated from ourselves, our families, friends and communities more than ever, yet when we pull together and create value within people’s lives.

Do we have active community representatives who can take action within our communities with the community support?

Can we foster productive relationships with local government representatives to prioritize local issues for improvement and control the projects to ensure community delivery?

Can we collaborate within communities both online as well as local events and local trade?

Should we not all get involved in fixing the problems we recognize as communities? 

Community Participation & Action

LocalSocial enables communities to collaborate and drive community specific objectives within communities and government.

  • Enable community structuring and projects
  • Enable community members and groups (collaboration, social, events, forums, local listings and trade)
  • Support local formal and informal businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Promote trade within communities
  • Trade directly with producers and logistic companies to supply local community trade directly
  • Bolster support for local businesses who reinvest in community movements
  • Create local business opportunities to local entrepreneurs (butchers, fresh produce markets, hand made/baked goods, community markets, community gardens, plumbers, electricians, domestic services)

What is trade?

Trade is the exchange of goods and services amongst two or more parties.


Common methods of trade are exchange of money and resources thus trade has many forms such as bidding, cash, credit, bartering, wholesale, auctioning and so forth. Community members should be able to trade with any type of cash such as digital currencies, crypto currencies, decentralized currencies such as Bitcoins. Any individual can trade and should be able to trade where, when and how they choose.


Let's make trade even more convenient and prosperous to communities as a whole, by incorporating it into our community participation and growth!