Local Community Objectives

Local Community Objectives

Human communities, whether local or digital, have enormous influence and power.

Modern living has us more separated from ourselves, our families, friends and communities more than ever, yet when we pull together and create value within people’s lives.

Most citizens are misrepresented by their governments and representatives. Governments tend to invest tax and grant funding in growing government business and power, instead of basic service delivery and creating prosperous trading communities.

Should we not all get involved in fixing the problem? 

Should we not ensure we fix the problem from within? 

Should we not fix the problem peacefully and from the ground up?

Community Participation & Action

Value of community participation
Read more about TechWorth priority implementation projects to drive these goals.
  • Enable community members and groups (collaboration, social, events, billboards, local listings and promotions, trade)
  • Ensure and support local community bulk resources security (food, water, fuel, gas, electricity) through direct trade
  • Manage, fund and support small businesses (external investment & funding, community investment schemes, business listings, ratings, community investments)
  • Change regulations which prevent small medium size businesses to compete and succeed (Local government representation)
  • Prioritize small business participation in government spending with transparency to communities which should benefit (government local sourcing)
  • Enable small business investment with a priority on generation and maintenance of bulk resources (government and community sourcing)
  • Enable transparency between businesses and communities especially business investment (employment, support, donations etc.) into local community controlled programs and projects

What is trade?

Trade is the exchange of goods and services amongst two or more parties.

Common methods of trade are exchange of money and resources thus trade has many forms such as bidding, cash, credit, bartering, wholesale, auctioning and so forth. Community members should be able to trade with any type of cash such as digital currencies, crypto currencies, decentralized currencies such as Bitcoins. Any individual can trade and should be able to trade where, when and how they choose.

Trade, unfortunately today, is mostly based on convenience.

Could we not rather spend our power (money) supporting and creating more local businesses to compete with global global supply chains?

Community enabled trade

As communities we need to support our own local community businesses and thus local trade.


Global business conglomerates control majority of supply chains and have led to the creation of large businesses across various industries.


These large entities are represented in our malls which price out small businesses. Government regulations support for these global entities through public-private partnerships which makes it very difficult for small businesses to grow and employ locally.


Communities who wish to grow and support local small businesses and create employment and growth locally will be able to do that with TechWorth.


TechWorth enables communities to grow local supply chains by connecting communities directly with suppliers and producers of goods. Communities can support local businesses via trade and local businesses can transparently invest in communities which in turn will increase community support.


Suppliers, producers and logistics companies who utilize TechWorth will network their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems (Open-Source & Closed Source integrated) within TechWorth enabling them to trade instantly and directly between community customers and their direct supply chains.

GroWorth Community Priorities

  • Provide transparency on all TechWorth community programs, projects, funding and audits
  • GroWorth utilizes the TechWorth Platform services such as financial, program, project solutions to provide transparency on all priorities, budgets and spending
  • Enable independent, collaborative, self-sustainable and growing communities through Open-Source technology enablement
  • Enable community growth: Small and medium business growth, employment growth, community investments
  • Enable community collaboration and participation:
  • Community formation management
    • Community Management
      • Community membership management
      • Management & membership responsibilities
        • Representation volunteering & voting (members only)
        • Community member authentication (members only)
        • Community investment voting (members only)
    • Community structuring
      • Community executive and management hierarchies & committees
      • Levels of authorities
      • Programs & projects
      • Services & volunteering
      • Events
  • Community Management
    • Collaboration
      • Billboards
      • Business directory services
      • Community chat
      • Community social media
      • Community & independent news
      • Events Marketing
    • Community investment management
      • Donations
      • Funding & financing
    • Community promotions
      • Promotion of local community businesses, products and services
    • Government relations & integrations management
      • Community issues management and representation
    • Political Party/NGO's: Community Support
      • Community Investments / Projects Supported
        • Investment Themes
          • Events
          • News
        • Social Media

Enablement software services


  • Strategic performance management
  • Enterprise Resource Management
    • Financial management
    • Human capital management
    • Customer Resource Management
    • Operations management
  • Program & project Management
  • Operational automation
  • Collaboration management
    • Company listing
    • Company marketing
    • Company sales
    • Company promotions

Enable small and medium business growth


  • Free small and medium business technologies
    • Data management
    • Performance management & advanced analytics
    • Supply chain integration (suppliers, producers, buyers)

Enable community controlled supply chains: Direct community supply and demand


  • Community infrastructure investments (bulk resources)
  • Community retail investments (local shops & markets)
  • Community events

TechWorth is a multi-solution integrated platform which provides community services to community members represented by people, businesses and organisations.