Sage Business Cloud Accounting Analytics

Sage Business Cloud Accounting online accounting data has been integrated to TechWorth as a conceptual template for other Open-Source analytical application development.

The analytical application is GAAP compliant and consists of visualisation, metrics definitions and documentation. Please contact us for access to the documentation.

The data is available and exposed for API integration. Please find the API documentation linked here. 

Development of an Open-Source analytics solution for Sage Business Cloud Accounting is on the analytics priority development pipeline 

Qlik Subscription Solution Template

We have a pre-developed Qlik Sense application available for subscription and wish to test or if you wish to attain some ideas for your own developments please contact us for a POC. 

Qlik Application Subscription Value

Qlik Cloud Platform Services 

  • Application hosting 
  • Data integration and real time data 
  • Data catalogs for business user data understanding 
  • Data governance and compliance 
  • End-point execution automation sending data to other systems to complete transactions (additional subscription) 
  • Access help, learning portal, community and privacy policies 
  • Application features 
  • Notes 
  • Reporting (additional subscription) 
  • Notifications & Alerts 
  • Bookmarks for repetitive analysis 
  • Interactive & shareable user stories 
  • Visualizations and analytics exploration of data 
  • Insight Advisor – artificial intelligence query / answer / visualization generation on data 
  • Selection query visualization to understand the data impact and lineage 

Sage Cloud Accounting Solution: Qlik

  • Company Performance 
  • Overviews 
  • Planning 
  • Scenario planning against budgets 
  • Integrated scenario planning 
  • Budget analysis 
  • Expenses analysis 
  • Dynamic self-service reporting (point & click) 
  • Income statement (P&L), Balance sheet, Trial balances 
  • Cash flow statements (in/out/variances) 
  • General ledger 
  • Bank account analysis 
  • Account allocation 
  • Debtor Management (Optional module) 
  • Quotes, invoices & ageing analysis 
  • Debtor sales analysis and comparisons 
  • Gross profit analysis 
  • Creditor Management (Optional module) 
  • Orders, invoices & creditor days outstanding analysis 
  • Creditor sales analysis and comparisons 
  • Expenses Management (Optional module) 
  • Detailed expenses analysis 
  • Inventory (Stock) Management (Optional module) 
  • Detailed inventory analysis with forecasting for order increments vs. delivery timelines (learning) 
  • Multiple entity performance analysis (Optional module) 
  • P&L, Balance sheet and key driver performance comparisons between entities

Example Visualisations