Agri-Farming Community Objectives

Agri-Farming enables all industries. 

GroWorth priority is to grow the Agri-Farming community globally as a case study for any other communities.

TechWorth is an Open-Source community driven Agri-Farming trading and supply chain system which integrates various technologies to enable community support for local Agri-Farming business to grow and secure local food security through direct sourcing.

See our planned Agri-Farming trade solutions


Why Agri-Farming is our focus

Agri-Farming is the life blood of all industries yet we live in a time where Agri-Farmers and communities are under pressure from governments to cut production while they are forced to sell off assets in order to control climate change globally. This impact is felt by our global communities, as we see the decline of the global supply chains, creating a major risk to global food and bulk (water, fuel, gas, electricity) resource security.

We see an urgent need for more Agri-Farmers globally!

We see an urgent need to grow local Agri-Farming communities to secure our organic healthy food security!

We see an urgent need to open up new trade opportunities for Agri-Farming communities to cooperate with other Agri-Farming supply chains.

We see an urgent need to enable Agri-Farming communities to control their own data and resources and establish their own supply chains from local to global trade!

The Agri-Farming communities are very regulated and this adds administration costs to these communities. Our objectives are to limit this administration burden so our farmers can focus on their yield and supply of demand.


Provide ready to use Open-Source or subscription technology integrated solutions

  • Utilize TechWorth Open-Source integrated solutions to manage any business (ERP, CRM, Project Management, etc.). See system capabilities
  • Switch on the connection to a farm’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of choice and they have their performance analysis ready. See integration priorities
  • Build industry and sub-industry write-back solutions for all Agri-Farming industries (manual data automation: digitization)
  • Automate integrations to other global farming solutions both Open-Sourced and Subscriptions
  • Automate integrated trade networks locally & globally

Together we will create a globally integrated real-time supply chain underpinned by the Agri-Farming communities globally.

How TechWorth Platform Will Enable Agri-Farming Communities

  • Structure the Agri-Farming community
  • Create a local community and Agri-Farming community trading platform (Plan, contract, monitor, receive, settle on integrated real-time network)
  • Create local market places within communities (businesses, wholesalers, supply chains, events, employment)
  • Integrate Agri-Farming data for effective performance management (Integrated supply chain network)
    • Integrate to existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems utilized by Agri-Farming communities
    • Provide additional forms and write-back to capture Agri-Farming specific operational data
    • Integrate open-source analytical solutions for effective supply chain management (performance/demand/supply)
  • Provide financing and funding methods to new and growing Agri-Farming business ventures
  • Provide off grid farming solutions to ensure continuity of food supply
  • Promote and sponsor organic farming initiatives and solutions
  • Provide online training and education resources to Agri-Farmers of all types
  • Provide farmer and physical asset security solutions
  • Government system integrations for Bulk Resource Management, infrastructure and security
  • Government representation management

TechWorth Agri-Farmin IoT Demo

TechWorth Integration Pipeline

Please select the relevant in-progress solution to link to the specific Open-Source project.  

Please like the features for our priority roadmap.

Please join the projects, please volunteer and contribute to our mutual cause. Become the solution.

Global Agri-Farming Community Establishment

  • Online registration
  • Community membership
  • Community representation structuring (boards, committees, memberships)
  • Community supply chain (suppliers, producers, buyers) business listings
  • Community safety management (security and patrols)
  • Community priority management (Programs & Projects)
  • Community investment management (Finance & Funding)
  • Community government representation (Roles, Responsibilities & tasks)
  • Agri-Farming social media
  • Agri-Farming chat
  • Employment billboards
  • Events & movement management

Agri-Farming Business Registrations

  • Business listings
  • Financial & performance Management
  • Program and project management
  • Supply and demand management
  • Pricing and distribution management
  • Supply chain network integrations

Agri-Farming Open-Source Solutions

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
    • Agri-Farming sub-sector data integrations to ERP
  • Customer Resource Management Systems (CRM)
  • Financial Management Systems (Accounting & Finance)
  • Project Management Systems (PMO)
  • Analytical, performance management and reporting solutions (Analytics)

Agri-Farming Trade System

  • Source resources via ERP integrations (network)
  • List commodities for sale & distribution
  • Trade in any currency and method (Barter, bid, buy, fund, cash, digital, crypto)

Educational and Training Systems

  • Agri-Farming strategy
  • Agri-Farming technologies
  • Agri-Farming operations
  • Agri-Farming automations

Agri-Farming Financing & Funding Solutions

  • Crowdfund new farmers to establish their operations locally in your area
  • Manage community stokvels/investment schemes to support local Agri-Farming businesses, invest in community projects and secure supply to communities

Agri-Farming Security Patrol Management

Bulk Resource Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity)