TechWorth Platform

TechWorth is an Open-Source community structuring and community economics enablement data management system which can be utilized by any community member and any business globally.

TechWorth is funded By The Public, For The Public.

As we attain stable levels of funding we will grow our internal team to boost Open-Source development and system integration projects. 


Authorised & Secure

Authorization and Security is a primary program to which the TechWorth controls internally.

TechWorth platform provides API integration for data ingestion and extraction from any other software product. Data access is user approved securely accessed via API’s only. 


Any user of TechWorth can integrate their own 3rd party software such as Business Intelligence, Reporting and automation system to our platform or use our Open-Source integration products provided free of charge. 

Please follow us and our development engagements.

We are a small team and Open-Source product integrations are our priority.

Any Local Community

Any Local community can establish themselves on TechWorth.

TechWorth provides community establishment and management capabilities to drive collaboration, enablement and movements.

Stay up to date with our priorities and release plans as they are based on Open-Source participation and GroWorth investment funding from the public.

TechWorth Objectives

TechWorth objectives are to enable communities of any kind. 

As we deploy the Agri-Farming solutions any other community can use those solutions to formalize their own structures, committees, memberships, movements and so forth.

Agri-Farming Example:

TechWorth is a data management platform which has all the necessary components to manage and automate Agri-Farming business (and any other businesses from any other industry) and the communities they serve. 

TechWorth provides API integrations for data from other systems, stores the data, orchestrates the data, exposes the data via secure API and provides analytical ready analysis applications to monitor and enhance performance of an entity. 

Our Active Solutions are based on partner and customer feedback so please recommend improvements to our products and we will add them to our priority and non-priority roadmaps as well as provide feedback. 

Any Business Can Integrate

Whether you are a new or established business you will find value in our solutions.  

Register and list your company and become part of your community, your customers.  

For those companies who utilize our services, we look forward to building successful integrated networks of communities with you.

Stay up to date with our priorities and release plans as they are based on Open-Source participation and GroWorth funding.

TechWorth Agri-Farming Demo

TechWorth Integration Pipeline

Please select the relevant in-progress solution to link to the specific Open-Source project.  

Please like the features for our priority roadmap.

Please join the projects, please volunteer and contribute to our mutual cause.

Global Agri-Farming Community Establishment

  • Online registration
  • Community membership
  • Community representation structuring (boards, committees, memberships)
  • Community supply chain (suppliers, producers, buyers) business listings
  • Community safety management (security and patrols)
  • Community priority management (Programs & Projects)
  • Community investment management (Finance & Funding)
  • Community government representation (Roles, Responsibilities & tasks)
  • Agri-Farming social media
  • Agri-Farming chat
  • Employment billboards
  • Events & movement management

Enabling Agri-Farmer Business Community

  • Structure the Agri-Farming community
  • Create a local community and Agri-Farming community trading platform (Plan, contract, monitor, receive, settle on integrated real-time network)
  • Create local market places within communities (businesses, wholesalers, supply chains, open markets, trade events, employment)
  • Integrate Agri-Farming data for effective performance management (Integrated supply chain network)
    • Integrate to existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems utilised by Agri-Farming communities
    • Provide additional forms and write-back to capture Agri-Farming specific operational data
    • Integrate open-source analytical solutions for effective supply chain management (demand/supply)
  • Provide financing and funding methods to new and growing Agri-Farming business ventures
  • Provide off grid farming solutions to ensure continuity of food supply
  • Promote and sponsor organic farming initiatives and solutions
  • Provide online training and education resources to Agri-Farming of all types
  • Provide safety and security solutions
  • Government system integrations for Bulk Resource Management supply, infrastructure and security

Agri-Farming Business Registrations

  • Business listings
  • Financial & performance Management
  • Program and project management
  • Supply and demand management
  • Pricing and distribution management
  • Supply chain network integrations

Agri-Farming Open-Source Solutions

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
    • Agri-Farming sub-sector data integrations to ERP
  • Customer Resource Management Systems (CRM)
  • Financial Management Systems (Accounting & Finance)
  • Project Management Systems (PMO)
  • Analytical, performance management and reporting solutions (Analytics)

Agri-Farming Trade System

  • Source resources via ERP integrations (network)
  • List commodities for sale & distribution
  • Trade in any currency and method (Barter, bid, buy, fund, cash, digital, crypto)

Agri-Farming Educational and Training Systems

  • Agri-Farming strategy
  • Agri-Farming technologies
  • Agri-Farming operations
  • Agri-Farming automations

Agri-Farming Financing & Funding Solutions

  • Crowdfund new farmers to establish their operations locally in your area
  • Manage community stokvels/investment schemes to support local Agri-Farming businesses, invest in community projects and secure supply to communities

Agri-Farming Security Patrol Management

Bulk Resource Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity)