Agri-Farming Trade

What are the challenges Agri-Farming businesses face globally?

TechWorth is a data management platform for community building. TechWorth provides community structuring and economics solutions to communities. Economics solutions are provided to local companies within communities such as Agri-Farming solutions.

GroWorth aim is to build a supportive Agri-Farming community which control their successful businesses within the same platform. 

Climate Impact

Changing weather patterns, extreme weather events, and unpredictable rainfall can disrupt crop production, affect livestock health, and increase the risk of pests and diseases. 


Technology Solutions: 

  • Providing weather related augmented data to predict weather patterns and extreme weather events 
  • Implementation of automated/IoT solutions to automatically respond to weather changes based on the type of Agri-Farming 
  • Implement regenerative practices education projects based on soil health and crop health 
  • Implement organic and land/environment natural Agri-Farming practices to bolster local production 
  • Implement automated livestock management solutions for monitoring, feeding and treatments 
  • Promote true sustainable Agri-Farming locally and globally and replace crop and environmental adverse practices with new methods, education, training and technologies 
  • Create local organic solutions to combat environmental impacted treatments of soil, livestock, humus etc. 

Market Volatility

Fluctuating market prices for agricultural products, such as crops and livestock, can make it challenging for farmers to predict income and plan their operations accordingly. 


Technology Solutions: 

  • Create a global trading network of suppliers, producers and buyers to control demand and supply on the system 
  • Provide global trading pricing analysis and demand expectations 
  • Combine volatility drivers with global environmental data to predict volatility for the Agri-Farming sector 
  • Agri-Farming supply chain production and supply optimization and waste reduction 

Land and Resource Management

Availability of fertile land, water resources, and proper soil management are critical for agricultural productivity. Land degradation, water scarcity, and unsustainable farming practices can strain resources and impact long-term sustainability. 

Technology Adoption

Keeping up with advances in agricultural technology, such as precision farming techniques, automation, and data-driven decision-making, can be costly and require farmers to continuously adapt and upgrade their skills. 

Access to Finance

Farmers often require financial resources for purchasing equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs. Limited access to credit and affordable financing options can hinder their ability to invest in their farms and expand their operations. 

Labor Shortages

Finding and retaining skilled labor for farm work can be a challenge, especially in regions facing labor shortages or where agriculture is not seen as an attractive career option for younger generations.

Government Regulations and Policies

Compliance with agricultural regulations, such as food safety standards and environmental regulations, can add administrative burdens and increase costs for farmers.

Global Trade and Competition

Farmers may face competition from international markets, where agricultural products can be produced at lower costs or benefit from different subsidies and tariffs, impacting their competitiveness.

Are you an Agri-Farmer? What systems does your Agri-Farming operation utilize?

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