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By The People, For The People

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GroWorth is a Public Benefits Organization funded By The People to deliver technology solutions For The People.

Our objectives are to integrate local communities with Agri-Farming communities to create local economies and supported supply chains.

TechWorth enables establishment of any local communities and provides technology Open-Source solutions for community economic trade growth.

Integration and development priorities:

Core Integrations

Integrations (Open-Source | Closed Source)

Structure Communities

Agri-Farming Trade

All volunteer work and funding are invested into two objectives: 

01  |  Enabling local community economies 

02  |  Enabling Agri-Farming community Economics


TechWorth is a data management platform which has all the necessary components to improve community collaboration and economics.  

TechWorth Platform is delivered free of charge, based on Open-Source community licensing, to any community.


We are in the process of building TechWorth solutions. Any Agri-Farming business can utilize the platform now by getting in contact with us.

We are in the process of developing community structuring and on-boarding solutions, estimated to launch in 1 April 2024 (Funding dependent)


Please register for updates on our official global launch of the TechWorth platform.


Current TechWorth Capabilities

GroWorth is the solution to enabling independent thriving communities of any kind.

Let’s take action and do the work now, to the benefit of our children.

Why GroWorth?

Community Enablement

GroWorth focuses on community technology enablement.

We enable active community members to build community movements for improvements.

We believe free independent people should have their data protected and utilised with the aim of improving their productivity and livelihoods. 

We are funded By The People, For The People. 

We deliver solutions For The People By The People (Open-Sourced).

Any community can establish themselves and utilise the TechWorth platform. GroWorth will focus on both integration of community solutions as well as building the Agri-Farming community globally.


Can we create a world where our children are truly born free (agency), raised healthy (non synthetic lifestyles), educated (not indoctrinated) and choose how to spend their valuable time in pursuit of their own passions and investments?

Problem Statements

Enable the communities to digitally develop and manage local community economics.

Build an Open-Source community that serves all communities.

Develop and invest in Agri-Farming community economics with local communities.

Our problem statements are wide and deep and it will literally take a community.

What's Going On?

Dutch Farmers

The Dutch farmers showed us the way when they created a political party which is now the largest party in the country.

Watch the summary video and get motivated.

Dutch Farmer Stories

Food Innovation Hubs Put Farmers at Head of the Table for Systems Change

"More than 20 organizations are leading on the Food Innovation Hubs with work already underway in Colombia, India, Europe, ASEAN and several countries in Africa.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has provided multi-year support for the development of a Food Innovation Hub in India and several public and private sector partners have committed in-kind resources to support the development of Hubs in various regions."

"Ramon Laguarta, Chief Executive Office of PepsiCo, said:

“Food is one of the main levers we can pull to improve environmental and societal health. With the right investment, innovation, and robust collaboration, agriculture could become the world’s first sector to become carbon negative, whilst meeting the needs of a rapidly growing global population and providing meaningful economic opportunities.

Unlocking this potential will take ambitious multi-stakeholder, precompetitive collaborations to transform the food system — exactly what these Hubs are designed to cultivate.”

What does precompetitive mean?

Join Us, Let's Collaborate

Please partner with us, advise us, join and volunteer with us and fund us to build global enablement solutions which support you and your community to succeed locally.

Open-Source Developers

See our list of current and planned Open-Source integrations. Join us, vote your requirements onto our integration priority list.


Your potential investment of time, skills, capability and experience is truly much appreciated.


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We thank you for your consideration. Enable us to enable your community.


Partner With Us

Integrate your own technology with TechWorth and let’s build solutions to enable community economics.

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